by Thrifty Astronaut

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“You know what was in that apple? Logic. Logic and intellectual stuff. That was all that was in it. So—this is my point—what you have to do is vomit it up if you want to see things as they really are.”
-J.D. Salinger, “Teddy”


released August 26, 2011

All music written, performed, and recorded by Thrifty Astronaut, with accompaniment from the following musicians on select tracks: Sean Speer(drums), Drew Miller(string bass), Blaine Lemanski(trombone), Ariana Munro(alto saxophone), Joe Frye(trumpet), and Hannah Lintner(vocals).

Artwork by Morgan Myers



Track Name: Oh Orwell(or Oh Well)
The natural beauty of man-made lakes, correcting God's innocent mistakes, finding fault in imperfection, bury it all under new construction. The reservoir is an open wound, bandaged white by the weeping moon, bled from the rivers and lakes and streams to water the lawns and paint the plains green. When this city falls to the ground, we'll say something profound, or oh well.

Finding truth in human-nature, the uncertainties that we know for sure. In the end, we're only animals, another future fossil fuel. We consumed ourselves in suburban sprawl, dug our graves beneath the shopping malls, built our homes on shifting ground, and repeated every word until all we heard was sound. We tried so hard to listen, but we couldn't help ourselves; Oh Orwell.

There are a lot of people in this town with mundane answers about profound things. There are a lot of people in this town with profound questions about mundane things. There are ancient seashells in the banks of the brand new reservoir, remnants of an ancient sea that was once here, long before. Before the waters parted and land rose to form shores, before we killed our God and flooded the plains once more. Oh Orwell.
Track Name: Apple-Eaters
We were beautiful before we knew how ugly we were. Cut your hair, you don't need to be pretty anymore. Dressed in black, we're putting our hearts back in tact, though the pieces will never be what they once were. Now, we're the apple-eaters.

This town seemed so big when we were still so small. Now, it's only the size of the cigarettes outside of the shopping malls, and the words we wrote on the inside of the bathroom stalls: “Don't fuck with us. We've already lost it all.” Now, we're the apple-eaters.
Track Name: She Could Drive Me Crazy
She walked into my head and she walked out with my mind, but I've got no good reason to ask for her time. I'm the chewing gum stuck to the sole of her shoe. She's the hand over my mouth, turning my heart blue. She could drive me crazy, if I let her. She could drive me crazy, but I know so much better than that this time.

I just want to be the hair in her face on a windy day, the morning sunlight shining through the sheets onto her naked legs, the sand sifting through the toes of her bare feet. She fills my eyes and takes a hold of me. She could drive me crazy, but I know so much better than that this time.
Track Name: Wonderlust
My minds been wandering lately, wondering about everything it sees. If I stay in one place longer than it wants to be, it wanders out my head and away from me.

It's been a week or maybe two that I haven't known just what to do. I've got nowhere to be, and I've got no time to lose, so I just walk around my two shoes. I just walk in circles around my shoes.

I've been wondering about you. I've been wondering what to do. I've been wondering about wondering, but mostly I've been trying hard not to.
Track Name: Teenage Sunburns
We are the teenage sunburns, nothing left but lessons left unlearned. One day, we'll all die of cancer and this will all seem relevant. This will all seem relevant.

There's no adults in this town tonight, running naked, screaming, through the rain. You know that stuff puts holes in your brain, but our bodies are only empty spaces that we've tried so hard to fill.

We are the teenage sunburns, nothing left but lessons yet to learn. One day, we'll see the errors of our ways, but that day hasn't come just yet.
Throw away your innocence, but cling to your ignorance.
Track Name: She's Such a Riot
She's grinning like she's missing teeth. She's laughing like a refugee. Her eyes are the same pale gray as the tear-gas, filling the skies on a blue summer day. That girl is such a riot. That girl is such a riot. There's no fun in revolutions when they come so quiet, but that girl is such a riot.

There's big ideas in her messy head. Her bleeding heart's staining her t-shirt red. She's throwing mega-phone slogans through store-front windows. She's making me lose control. That girl is such a riot. That girl is such a riot. The authorities try to deny it, but that girl is such a riot, and it's hard to resist becoming an activist. That girl is such a riot.

Tonight, we can bring it all down. We can bring it all down tonight, and I'll kiss you in the light, as the police station burns down.
Track Name: Everything is Shit
You've got tears in your eyes, but you still look fine. Either you stole my heart, or I'm losing my mind. Either way, would it cramp your style if I were to hang around for a little while?
I know I'm not a born romancer, and I've been told that I'm a silly dancer, but still.

Summer's coming soon, and I don't want to have nowhere to go, and there's a party tonight, but I don't know how many people I'll know. Anyway, I think it'd be better, if we were to walk in together. I promise not to sing out loud; I just want to hold your hand in the crowd, because you make me forget that everything is shit.

Honey, I know it's teenaged. I know it's deranged, but I won't call you weird if you don't call me strange. Really though, I wouldn't mind if we called each other crazy all the time. Recently, I've become convinced that you're the only thing left that makes any sense. You make me forget that everything is shit.
Track Name: Wow and Flutter
Fill the bathtub with concrete mix. Sit down in it, and wait for it to fix. Maybe I'll just stay here forever; You'll watch me wow and flutter, shake and shutter. Sometimes all my thoughts run together, and I think that I should know better than to be your lover.

We danced the waltz in the electric June. You smiled so pretty under the 100-watt moon, and I thought that maybe I could glue us together, or you know whatever. I'm too tired to be clever. Baby, you make me wow and flutter; My heart melts like butter; My tongue sticks and stutters.

It doesn't make much sense anymore these days.
Track Name: Love, Destroyer
Her heart was full of marks and scars left by boys in the backs of parked cars. They spoke so soft, but they kissed and told. Their breath was hot, but their hands were cold.

Love will destroy you.

He fell in love again, despite himself. There are things that you just can't help, but he won't give in this time, for the love of Christ. He's going to put this behind and begin a new life.

Love will destroy you.
Track Name: God is a Naked Woman
We found a hill on the Fourth of July, where we could watch the fireworks paint the sky. One thousand barbeques with bottle-rockets and roman-candles, one million sparks of different colored light. Inside our brains, chemicals combined. I felt your breath on my neck as you let out a sigh.

What if God is a tangerine? Peeled by your fingers and dripping sticky sweet. Running down your chin and onto your hands, as you sink into its flesh with your front teeth.

We left the party on a warm summer's night, and drove with our friends to the lake nearby. Without any clothes, we waded into the darkness, but I could still see your body glow beneath the surface.

Maybe God is a measurement of coincidence: The improbability of what is. The moonlight reflected on your naked skin, shuddering through my every synapse.
Just because it's beautiful, doesn't mean it makes any sense.